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History of Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine


In modern time, seeing the roof panel roll forming machine work at many places is not a rare thing. This made us think how roof panel roll forming machine developed. Actually, the first roll forming machine was invented in Germany in the 20th century. It became popular and famous immediately for its working performance and reasonable price. Especially in some developed countries like USA, Germany and Italy. After that, with the development of science and technology, the roll forming machine price and working performance have been declined, but the function is more advanced. Let's get to know roof panel roll forming machine history specifically.Speaking of roof panel roll forming machine history, we have to mention the first roll forming machine. The invention of the roll form can be dated back to the renaissance, in the 17th century. It is said that the first roll form mill is invented by Leonardo da Vinci. At that time it is just a simple slitting mill, and it was used to making hoops and iron with a half-round. That is the very beginning of the roll form machine.The next milestone of roll forming machine is in 18 century. In 18 century, mankind has entered the modern society with the rapid development of science and technology. It is well-recognized that the modern roll form machine development is greatly attributed to Henry Cort, the pioneering inventor who worked for the Huntley Iron Mills Company. After the transformation by the year of 1783, the work efficiency of the roll form machine was able to work for 15 times than before. The development of roll form machine is fast, including the roof panel roll forming machine. It is him who led the rising of roll forming machine. As a leader of the roll form technology, Henry Cort had led a revolution of the roll form machine.After hundreds of years of development, the roll form machine is a massive industry with many different branches. There are different types of roll forming machine in the market, including roof panel roll forming machine, wall panel roll forming machine, roof panel roll forming machine and so on. The increasing demand of roof panel made emerge of roof panel roll forming machine. Actually the roof panel roll forming machine history is not very long compared with other roll forming machine in manufacturing industry, but it does plays a critical role in many areas. By learning roof panel roll forming machine history, the designers will have a better picture of what kind of roll form machine is needed in the market. We are expecting more advanced roof panel roll forming machine will come to world in future.

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